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From one-off consultancy to a complete design service we provide a fresh and modern approach to improve, reinterpret or style interior spaces. Our interior designers are fully qualified with degrees in spatial design and interior architecture. We are specialising in residential interior design in the UK - mainly in London and around the home counties - but have also been involved in commercial and hotel designs. We work closely with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget. Read more about our home interior design services.
Are you thinking of selling your property? If so, you should stage your home for the optimum sale. Home staging is a relatively new concept in the UK , but it's getting more and more popular. When your home is styled well, you can sell it more easily and at the highest possible price. Presenting your home to show its best qualities actually doesn't need an awful amount of time or money - a little imagination and freshening up can go a long way. We can give you professional advice, tips & ideas and help you to style your home using your existing furniture and objects or, if necessary, suggest and source extra items. Read more about our home staging services.
In our increasingly homogenised world more and more people are looking for individualism. Having your own logo, family crest or symbol could help you to regain your identity. We can design you a distinctive logo, emblem, motto or image that you can use to personalise items in your home and in your life - on stationery, photo albums, linen, gifts and so on. We can also create unique photo albums, wedding & party invitations, party menus, greeting cards for special occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, Christening etc - read more about our identity design services.
Every week we publish a new article in our blog on the latest décor trends and give you free interior design tips! We'll also collect interesting design related articles and suggest other websites that could be useful for your project. If you're stuck with your design scheme or need some interior design ideas for your home you can ask one of our designers or discuss them with other viewers!
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