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You might wish seek advice from your local estate agents. Although they know what sells and what doesn't in your neighbourhood - they are not interior designers. We at ForLook, provide designer tips & tricks on how best to present a property - to bring out its good qualities and hide its disadvantages. We can suggest easy ways to make spaces appear larger, lighter & brighter - ideas & proposals to create spatially and aesthetically inviting interiors. We can restyle your home to look elegant, fresh and harmonious in order to target (and seduce!) your potential buyers. We know where to get the right accessories, furnishings and other elements to achieve this. We could even save you money because we get things at trade or discount price, or we know where to get them cheaply.


Level 1 :: one-off consultancy

We visit the property and analyse its presentation. We advise you on how to enhance or change areas and details. We make recommendations, suggest finishes and offer solutions according to budget, timescale and the level of improvements needed. All our suggestions will be put in writing and sent to you for your consideration. Cost: £95.00 - sign up now >>


Level 2 :: Shopping

After the initial consultation, you might wish us to help you with sourcing the appropriate furniture, accessories and other elements that would spice-up your home. Our designers know exactly where to get these items. They can go with you on a shopping trip and help to choose the appropriate items. Alternatively, they can do it for you. Cost: £95/half day sign up now >>


Level 3 :: Styling

After the initial consultation, if the property needs no major redecoration, a styling day can be arranged when we stage your home for sale. We can utilize your existing furniture and, if necessary, add the new elements we have suggested Cost: £150/day - sign up now >>


Level 4:: Full home staging

This is a comprehensive interior design service including illustrations, samples, CAD drawings, specifications. We research and source furnishings, appliances, materials, finishes etc as appropriate. If it's necessary, we arrange storage, hire furniture for staging, hire decorators & builders and monitor their work. The price of this package depends on the project. Please contact us with your details.


Special offers

One day consultancy & shopping - only £120.00

One day consultancy & shopping + 1 day styling - only £250

Areas we cover

ForLook Design is based in London , so we cover most parts of London & the Home Counties.

Further questions

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us - we'll call you back asap. We no longer publish our telephone numbers online as we have been receiving many nuisance & irrelevant phone calls taking away time from dealing with our clients. We are happy to provide our details to serious enquirers.



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