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Personalised Design

We live in a world of globalisation and factory production. Our homes are full of mass-produced furniture and homeware bought from large national or international retailers. Our homes are becoming more and more look-alike, yet this is the place that's supposed to reflect our own personality!

Desiring individual & personalised things that are hand-made or unique seems to be the reaction against our homogenised surroundings. Designer logos and items no longer provide our desire for uniqueness - they, or their copy-cats, are now everywhere, available for anyone.

No wonder that traditional crafts and making our own stuff are becoming more and more popular. Interior design is moving towards Wabi Sabi, the ancient Japanese aesthetic that sees beauty in nature, imperfection, originality and uniqueness of objects and materials.

Have your own personal logo or symbol!

Start re-personalising your life and home by having your unique ID or emblem!

We can design your own logo or family crest based on your initials or name, favourite image or photo and so on. Each of our designs is unique and customised - based on our client's personality and requirements.

We can provide you the design in a digital format which you can use to personalise your stationery, embroidery, furniture, mugs, plates, placemats, linen, cushions - whatever you like. Our prices start from just £50 - so let us know what you want and we can do it for you!

Personalised Stationery

If you don't know how to make personalised stationery, we can do it for you. Just email us your image and logo (or let us design it for you!) and we can create any type of stationery you want - pre-printed letterheads, Christmas cards, wedding cards, party invitations, thank-you notes and menus & place labels for special occasions. Let us know what you want and we can do it for you or arrange for it to be done. Please note that our service is aimed at personal use - we do not provide this service on a commercial level - go here for corporate identity and logo design.

Personalised Photo Albums

How many wedding, baby, honeymoon, travel photos & videos have you looked through with polite interest yet real boredom? Do you want your albums to be individual, fun, funky and really interesting? We can create personalised photo albums for you that people will actually want to look at!

We create personalised albums in printed or digital format burned onto a CD or DVD. We can create a slide-show or animation for you to impress your friends & relatives or use as a screensaver on your PC. We can also create web pages that you can add to your website.

Wouldn't you like to show your wedding; your baby's first year; the trip of your life… in a way no one else has? Contact us for further details.

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts are special and memorable. A unique logo or symbol can be the ideal wedding, baby or christening present! We can design a special logo, symbol, image or message that you can use to personalise your gift. Or if you have a particular present in mind we can not only do the design but also arrange the personalised present to be made. Let us know your requirement and we'll do our best for you!

Click here for personalised gift ideas!


Each of our designs is unique, so prices depend on our client's requirement. Please fill out this request form, and let us know your details. You can describe your project in some detail or we can call you back asap to discuss it.

See examples of our designs!



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