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Home interior design has never been so popular as now. Books and magazines urge us to have trendy homes whilst makeover and diy shows give the illusion that decorating can be quick, cheap and easy - and anyone can do it…

What is interior design?

Interior design is not about just themes and schemes - it's about creating a coherent look and feel in your home through materials, textures, space and light. A successful interior should not only have spatial links within the building but it should reflect the way you live and use certain spaces. Aesthetics and practicality should have a perfect balance by means of layering and zoning. Interior Design is much more than just decorating or refurbishing - it's a process which requires skill, knowledge and experience.

Who needs an interior designer?

If you're not certain how to achieve a style, how to make the best of a space, where to get the right accessories and furnishing - you should definitely seek advice from a qualified interior designer. Even if you think you know what you want in your home, bringing it all together actually isn't that easy - details can make or break a design.

If you can't afford a full interior design service it's well worth getting a consultancy session with a designer who can guide you on the right path or advise you on particular dilemmas and issues. In fact, commissioning an interior designer can save you time & money as they know where to source things, most of which they can get at trade or discount price. These savings would not only cover their fees, but enable you to get the unique home you dream of!

Many high-street retailers now offer interior design services - but they are of course promoting their own products. If you don't want your home to look like something from a retailer's catalogue, you are much better off commissioning an independent interior designer.

ForLook Interior Designs

We are a London (UK) based interior design company. Our interior designers are fully qualified, having a BA(Hons) in spatial design and interior architecture. We work together with our clients and design their interiors according to their lifestyle and budget. We do not believe that a stylish interior can only be achieved by expensive furniture and fittings - we encourage our clients to spend more on basic essentials and less on decorative details that can be changed over time. Our projects have varied from small home office refurbishment and bathroom & kitchen remodelling to complete house renovation. Although for the last five years we have specialised on residential design, we have also worked on several commercial and hotel design projects. Look at some of our projects or read more about our Home Interior Design Services.




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