Customized & personal logo examples

This personal logo was designed for someone with the the initials of M O. The logo is used on stationery, clothes and furnishings

This personal logo was designed for a couple whose surnames started with H & K. They wanted something that is classical yet timeless. Look at the case study of how this logo has been utilized


This logo was created for an optician and is used as a banner for web advertising


This logo was created to be used on soft furnishing such as cushions and linen. It's also used on stationary.

This logo was designed for a little girl called Ella. We have stenciled the logo on her bed's headboard and a cushion. We have also made a stamp cut from lino for her to make her mark on things!

This symbol was designed for a couple based on a photograph of them. The image was printed on sticky labels and is used as their personal letterhead. The original shows an address.